Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lunch break at H&M

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Where I work is only 5 minutes away from the mall. It’s convenient but also dangerous at the same time. I typically go there 2-3 times a week at lunch just to look around. Today is one of those days. I didn’t find anything that I liked last week at H&M. Today, with the 20% off coupon in hand, I was hoping to find something there.

I love love love this skirt (couldn’t find it online for some reasons). The color is absolutely stunning in person. It’s a flattering knit pencil skirt in beautiful mint color ($24.95). Comes with a baby pink faux-leather belt. I am wearing a size small in this picture. The fit is perfect and I also am loving the length. However, it’s pretty sheer. It looks decent from the front but shows every lump and bump from the back. I'll spare you the details. I really wanted to take this skirt home with me but decided not to. Verdict: Passed.

I’ve been looking for a mod dress for quite some time. I was happy to spot this dress in a springy floral print. This is one of the dresses from the H&M Conscious Collection. The price is super affordable ($14.95) with or without the coupon. The dress is made of thick cotton. There is a deep v-neckline but can be easily fixed with a nude cami. I am wearing a size 2 in this picture. This is one of those easy dresses that you can just throw on for the weekend. I can’t wait to pair it with a pair of white sandals when the weather gets warmer. Verdict: Bought.

I am always on the lookout for work pants that fit. This peachy color pants caught my attention as soon as I walked into the store. The length is great for someone my height. I am wearing a size 2 in this post but ended up getting a size 4. They run a bit smaller than a typical size 2 at H&M. The color is perfect for Spring. The price is also affordable at $14.95. Verdict: Bought. Note: The 20% off coupon expires this Sunday (4/22).

Enjoy the rest of your week,


.Tinacious Me.

5 min from H&M? How lucky! If my office is that close, you'll see me there at lunch everyday! Thanks for the coupon!
xo, Tina

Really Petite

I really like those peach pants! Will have to check them out! Love that they run smaller :)


Love the dress on you. I am about 5' 1", with 4 young kids. Still trying to shed off my post partum belly. I weigh 115 lbs, trying to be 100 lbs. Anyways, I can't wait to head off to H&M to see if the dress looks ok on me. Thanks for your post.


The closest H&M is about 100 miles away and they don't deliver to my state, needless to say I am uber jealous, but the pieces look great. You seriously have amazing taste.


LOL I agree with Tanacious Me. If my work place was close to any mall I probably visit everyday during lunch time! By the way I really like the floral dress on you.


Oh my gosh, I want that dress! Going to HM tomorrow ;) Tks for sharing the coupon!


That dress is floral and spring/summer perfect! Glad it fits you well. Waiting to see your paring with the pant. light colored pants are tough to work with for me.


oh i totally forgot about the 20% off, i am going there fri then! i also work about 5 min away which is very dangerous for my pocket too :( glad you got that mod dress bc you look so cute in it!


Lucky you! Love the mint skirt and those peach pants!!


@Anonymous Hope the dress will work out for you =)


wow, i'd love to work near the mall! ;) the mint skirt is really pretty! and it looks great on! :)

<3, Mimi
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With Each Passing Day

No wonder you always find such good deal. Good choice on the dress. It looks great on you.

easy petite looks

i stopped at our h&m today, too. I didnt see any of those items, actually! i ended up just picking up a white button down for $8. maybe i'll have to go back and check for things (like that dress!) before sunday. i love the color of those pants, so cheerful!
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Really love the print on that dress that you bought!

Natasha xoxo

I love that dress! I'm going to stop by h&m tomorrow to see if I can locate :)

xo, tasha
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I love both the dress and those pants! I can't wait to see how you style the pants. Too bad about the skirt...I've been wanting something mint colored but I certainly wouldn't want to have to wear a slip with it for sure ;)


I love these peachy hues on you! That print dress looks so pretty! Great finds! I really really need to visit my H&M!


I love the mint knit skirt! I didn't see it when I was there over the weekend...I guess I'll have to go back soon! :)

Thanks for the review Sydney, I can always count on you for the latest H&M news (comes with the territory when you work five minutes away from the mall, hehe)

just tututiny

Love the peach pants. Will have to try it on first though cause I tend to be picky when choosing pants. Thanks for the review!





That mod dress looks like it was made for you - so very pretty! Envious that your H&M is so close, mine is 25 minutes away :(


It was my first time at H&M today at the mall. Loved the prices & styles. Totally mortified that my once petite body doubled in size after having my babies. I tried on the white and peach strapless dress, instead of the dress on this post (husband picked it out). In other stores I'm a size 4 or 6, but only size 8 fits on me. *sigh* Maybe one day I'd love to shop there after I lose 15 lbs!


Aww it's too bad the skirt wasn't fitting so well in the back - the color looks so pretty on you! I really like the mod dress on you too :)

floral print dress

Love the mint skirt and those peach pants!


I saw this skirt at H&M as well and had decided to come back grab it at a later point but they were all gone in a week! I was sulking over it till i read your post. Maybe I wouldn't have liked it as much if I had tried it on as well :) But the color was sooooo perfect and unique.


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