Wednesday, October 8, 2014

August purchase: Chanel caviar wallet on chain (WOC)

Chanel caviar WOC

August purchase was actually a gift from the husband. We just celebrated our milestones anniversary last month. The plan was to take a trip somewhere but his travel schedule was just too crazy for the month of September. Since we decided to forgo the trip, he said I can cross something off my wishlist as a gift for our anniversary =) I ended up getting the Chanel wallet on chain in navy. I was looking for a non-black, caviar, silver-hardware WOC and this little beauty couldn't be more perfect. I can't even express how much I adore this bag. It's classic, timeless and functional at the same time. I am not going to review this bag. These days, you probably can find anything you want to know with a few Google searches. Pre-own Chanel WOCs are widely available on the market these days. Just a quick search I found many pre-owned versions available here or get the exact same one here.


  1. Stunning gift! He knows what he is doing!

  2. Happy anniversary! Hope you can take this bag on a trip you'll take later :).

  3. Happy anniversary! Too bad you guys weren't able to get away for a bit. I like what lisacng said about taking the bag on a future trip, though. :)