Monday, May 18, 2015

How I store my Chanel handbags

{Pictured: Chanel Boy | Chanel Classic Flap | Exact same WOC here}

Even though all my Chanel bags are made of durable caviar/calfskin leather, it's still very important to take care of your things in general. I don't necessarily baby my bags but I am not careless with them either. Everyone has different ways to storing their handbags. This is just how I like to store mine. 


Step 1: Always stuff your bags with tissue paper. This helps maintain the overall shape of your purse. Make sure you push the tissue paper into the bottom corners of the bag. Corners are natural areas for the bag to lose its structure.


Step 2: Place the felt cover in between the bag and the flap (all my bags come with a white/black felt cover). This will prevent any indentation that might occur over time.


Step 3: Put the dust bag on top of the bag, pull the chain away from the bag and lay it on top of the dust bag. This will ensure the strap won't touch the leather part. Store the bag in the upright position. I read somewhere that leather bags should not be stored in boxes because the leather needs to breathe. I follow these steps to store all my bags then place them on the top shelf in my closet. Hope you find this post helpful. If you have a different way to store your bags, I'd love to hear.


awhite said...

Great tips- and what a gorgeous Chanel collection!

Le Stylo Rouge

alexanderdragland said...

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Unknown said...

My sister is an ardent lover of bags but not a very safe keeper I must say. Her bag storage consists mainly of a rack and a bookshelf which she says is for easy retrieval. She does use the dustbags but most of the time the bags are left out in the open. She does wipe them clean once a month though with a special delicate solution.