Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sumissura :: Design your perfect dress

As you might remember, I talked about Sumissura a couple of times in the past (here and here). I still love both coats and am looking forward to pull them out again in a few months. Imagine my excitement when Sumissura reached out to let me know the company now offers a board range of fully customizable dresses. I jumped at the chance and ordered a dress to try. I won't go into details about the process and how it works (you can read my initial reviews here and here). As expected, the entire process is pretty seamless and pleasant. After submitting my order, I got a shipping confirmation within a week. 3 days later, the package arrived at my doorstep (they ship via DHL).


Onto the dress, I have several sheath dresses that I rotate for work but all of them are sleeveless. I love the J.Crew cap-sleeve dress but it's either sold out in my size or not on sale. I decided to let Sumissura's seamstress do the magic and create a similar dress for me. As far as fit goes, no complaints from me. It fits just the way it's supposed to (form fitting but not too tight). The craftsmanship is impeccable. Stitches are finished without loose threads hanging at the end. The dress is fully lined. Overall, I feel great walking into the office in this dress.


One thing that I need to mention is the fabric. This was a mistake on my part for not paying close attention when selecting the fabric (I chose Vailly). I was surprised to see it's a linen dress. I was expecting a little heavier fabric. I did go back and look. Lo and behold, the website does indicate it's 100% linen. You have to click on the (!) button at the bottom left-hand corner to see the fabric composition. This dress is available in 7 classic colors. 5 options below are composed of wool blend fabric (the dark red color is to die for). My dress ended up being $109 which is completely worth it for a custom fit dress

CustomizeSheathDress_SydneysFashionDiary CustomizeSheathDress_SydneysFashionDiary

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