Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Chanel price increase 2017

As you may be aware, there will be a price increase on Chanel classic and re-issue bags tomorrow (11/15/2017). *Update: New price on classics and re-issues are officially increased on the Chanel website*. This price increase only affects the US market. The boy bag and the WOC seem to be safe this time. New prices are below:
  • Square mini ($2900 vs. $3100)
  • Square rectangular ($3100 vs. $3300)
  • M/L classic flap ($4900 vs. $5300)
  • Jumbo classic flap ($5500 vs. $5900)
  • Maxi classic flap ($6000 vs. $6400)
  • Small re-issue ($4900 vs. $5300)
  • Medium re-issue ($5500 vs. $5900)
  • Large re-issue ($6000 vs. $6400)
Besides the crazy price increases, there are other reasons that I am no longer in the market for another Chanel bag. Prices keep going up but the quality keeps going down. I've seen loose stitches, scratches, misaligned flap on a brand new Chanel bag. There are even more quality issues with their seasonal bags. As much as I'd love to own a square mini, I can't justify paying $3100 for something that can barely fit an iPhone. I own 3 classic styles from the brand (the M/L classic flap, the boy bag and the wallet on chain) and am pretty content with the variety of my collection. At the end of the day, no one really needs more than 3 Chanel bags.

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