Friday, April 26, 2019

Top 10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Today, I am sharing 10 essentials that every woman should have in her Spring closet. I own at least one piece in every single category. These core pieces will form your seasonal wardrobe. Once you have these items, putting together spring looks becomes much easier. I linked many affordable options below if you are interested. Have a great weekend, everyone!
1. Trench coat
Option 1: My Burberry trench
Option 2: A darker shade option ($79)
Option 3: Another classic option (available in petite)
2. Denim jacket
Option 1: My denim jacket
Option 2: Darker wash ($59)
Option 3: Available in petite ($38)

3. White jeans
Option 1: My white jeans (reviewed here)
Option 2: Shaping white jeans ($98)
Option 3: Available in regular and petite ($70)
4. Spring bag
Option 1: My Louis Vuitton Neverfull (on me)
Option 2: Blush pink tote ($675)
Option 3: Trendy circle bag ($69.95)
5. Fun earrings
Option 1: Floral hoop earrings ($38)
Option 2: Multi-color hoop earrings ($42)
Option 3: White tassel earrings ($38)
6. White tee
Option 1: My all time favorite white tee (50% off today - on me)
Option 2: Available in 10 colors ($19.50)
Option 3: Tie front tee (on sale)
7. Neutral wedges
Option 1: Steve Madden wedges (this year's version - under $50)
Option 2: Available in 12 colors ($149)
Option 3: Low heel wedges ($99.95)
Option 4: Scalloped wedges (under $50)
8. Chambray shirt
Option 1: My chambray shirt ($24 - on me)
Option 3: Medium wash chambray shirt ($78 - available in petite)
Option 3: Light wash chambray shirt ($39.50)
9. White dress
Option 1: Short flounced dress ($39.99)
Option 2: Cotton white dress ($39.99)
Option 3: White bodycon dress ($45 - available in 10 colors)
10. Floral blouse/skirt
Option 1: My floral midi dress ($45)
Option 2: Floral tiered skirt ($34.99)
Option 3: Floral chiffon dress ($34.99)


Around Colours said...

I have all of those except the denim jacket (for ecological reasons) and the white jeans (haven't found a pair that looks good on me) so I feel better about myself now haha I completely agree that they're all staples, with these pieces only we can do many outfits so pairing them with whatever other pieces we may want garantees many awesome outfits.

Marta -

Blanks said...

Outstanding and super helpful post. Thanks for sharing.