Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fitting Room Review: Great deals on GAP jeans

After Jean posted a fantasic deal on the Gap legging jeans this morning, I had to stop by the mall to check them out. I did find some pretty sweet deals that I'd like to share with you guys. Every single pair fits me with no waist gap. Unfortunately, the length runs a little long for me. I walked out the store with 3 pairs of jeans for $35.00. Please note all sales are final. If you need to order them online, check out Jean's post on tips how to score these jeans for $24.48 (was $69.50) with free shipping.

Online price: $49.99
In-store price: $7.97 (What a difference!)
Size: 00R
Verdict: Pass (too long on me)

Style: Gap Skinny Boot Jeans
Online price: $49.99
In-store price: $14.97
Size: 00R
Verdict: Pass (again, super long on me)

Style: Gap Legging Jeans
Online price: $69.95
In-store price: $10.97
Size: 00R
Verdict: Purchased

Style: Gap Always Skinny Jeans
Online price: $48.99
In-store price: $10.97
Size: 00R
Verdict: Purchased

Style: Gap Legging Jeans in white and gray (same as above)
Online price: $69.95
In-store price: $11.97
Size: 00R
Verdict: Purchased


Unknown said...

Omg this is such an amazing deal! Thanks so much for sharing this. I love the white ones on you the most. I always have trouble finding skinny jeans that are "skinny" enough on me, especially at the knees and ankles. I'll have to check this deal out!

Unknown said...

Wow! What major scores! You look great in the jeans you got!! Good job Sydney!

Kileen said...

i love the jeans you ended up purchasing. they flatter your legs so well!

cute & little

Unknown said...

Sydney!!! Did they have 00r in gray like ur white ones at ur local store!!!??I have been wanting gray forever!!!! Please help!!!

Unknown said...

I love GAP 1969 line! Amazing deals you got. Im going to check out tomorrow.

silviasiantar said...

I'm petite sized too! hahaha. you found the perfect pair.

enjoyed reading your blog and following!


Amber @ said...

Wow, this is an amazing deal! I'm so glad some worked out for you. Sadly I have to do a 28 hr shift today and can't make it in!

Nicole said...

I saw Jean and your post about this sale. Ended up stopping by Gap on my lunch and put a pair of the white legging jeans on hold. I'm curious to see your take on styling them. I currently just have white capris and just style it with wedges and a basic top.

Thanks for posting about it! =)

Anonymous said...

Nice sale :) What color nail polish are you wearing? It's nice ;)

TaraMixandMatch said...

Great finds, great price!

michelle_ said...

woah those are awesome deals !!

maryeb said...

Thanks for the reviews. I noticed that you have the bottoms rolled up on the pairs you purchased. Are you planning on wearing them this way or having them hemmed. I think they look great rolled up, but I'm curious how you plan to wear them.
Thanks again. Your reviews and styling tips are so helpful.

AubreyOhDang! said...

white legging jeans are a must for me! glad you scored some.

Elle said...

Amazing deals! I may have to go to the Gap this weekend as well after seeing how well you did!

I really need to get a pair of these legging jeans, they look amazing on you. :)

Anna said...

Wow, this deal is amazing! It's too bad I reached the end of my closet's capacity for denim - 13 pairs of jeans are quite enough. I don't have a white pair though... hmm >:)

Remember the BR ikat skirt you posted a week ago (ish)? I returned, re-bought, and finally posted the photos. Thanks for sharing the link on how to style it - once hurricane Irene passes and the humidity drops I'll be sure to try it with a jean jacket. I included you in the post as a source of inspiration!

Natalie Leung said...
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Natalie Leung said...

great jeans! and what a great review :)

now following your cute blog :)


Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@katattack2000 Hi there, I am wearing the Sinful Colors in Savage =)