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Low-maintenance hairstyles & Lionesse Beauty Bar review

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I used to wash my hair every single day. With little to no time in the morning, I slowly learn how to work with my hair and not washing it so often. Today, I wanted to share a few different hairstyles that I repeat every week. They are not really "hairstyles" per say..just things I do differently everyday to change up the look.


Day 1: I start off the week with freshly washed hair. I always make sure to spray the TRESemme protective spray before using any heat styling tools. After blow drying, I run the Lionesse straightener through it quickly. This particular straightener has temperature controls which is important because you would want to be able to adjust the temperature to prevent heat damage.


Day 2: I love styling my hair on day 2 because it is still clean but has some grip and texture. I begin curling by taking a small section of hair and wrap it around the curling iron. I am a fan of tapered curling irons. It works best for loose and relaxed curls. The curling iron made of tourmaline ceramic which helps create long lasting curls while protecting the hair's natural luster. I hold each strand 5-8 seconds, release then finish off with the TRESemme hairspray to give it a lasting hold


Day 3: My hair is definitely getting oily by then. Before styling, I spray the TRESemme dry shampoo at the roots of my hair. It helps adsorb oil and adds subtle texture. I start off my taking 2 small sections of hair at the crown of my head, backcomb and pin them back. I then put the rest of my hair in a low ponytail.

{Pictured: Lionesse complete set}

Day 4: At this point, my hair is definitely greasy. High bun = best way to cover up greasy hair. It literally take me 2 minutes to put my hair in a high bun. Start off by pulling my hair back into a high ponytail, gently tease small sections, loop my ponytail through a hair donut and pin. This complete set also comes with a mini straightener which is great for touch ups. All hair tools mentioned here have dual voltage meaning that they will work in the US as well as anywhere else in the world.


Mrs C

I am a truly low maintenance person. I bought the straightener that can double up as curler too, but I think I used it once. I guess I am 'cheaper' than that LOL!

Daily Express

I know this post is about your hair, but I have to say I love the pretty lace top you're wearing here! Your hair looks cute in all four styles.:)
Gina- On the Daily Express


Your hair looks gorgeous in all four looks! And I agree with Gina's comment above, your lace top is so cute!!

Doused In Pink

Your hair is gorgeous! Loving all of these styles!



Definitely great tips and styles - I try to do the exact same with mine and not get into the habit of washing it everyday. I love my big top knots, but I also know that once it's up like that, I'm committed to washing it the next day, so it bums me out not to have options to sleep in in the morning. :)
Your pony is my favorite!
Carylee | more pieces of me
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Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit

I love dry shampoo, I used tresemme for a long time but just switched to herbal essences and love it even more.

Ever So Jenny

I wash my hair twice a week so my routine is pretty similar. Your hair looks great!

Willette Mitchell

Oh, I love the bun!

Cher Garman

Very cool tips! It's like a 'hair plan' for the week!

Clare Martin

I am amazed by what this iron can do, very the soft curls

Col Long

Wow, thanks! I love the day 2 look!

Coline T.

I love all these styles, really nice! :-D

Diana S

I don't like washing my hair often, so I need to look into a dry shampoo. I love the 'quick' do's throughout the week when you don't wash your hair everyday.

Stephanie O

Wow you make that look so easy! Thanks!

Rachel C

Great tips! I want to reduce washing my hair so often and I think dry shampoo may be the answer!

sandyhills x

I would love one of these! I would love to be able to curl and straighten my hair.
contact - reply to the post or (shaunie)


Such a perfect set! Never seen a mini one before. Would love to try it out.

Morgana DeLarge

Useful tips, thank you!


Thank you for the great tips!

Alexia Abby

I love how smooth this flat iron makes the hair look!


love all these styles


Great hair tool set to create different looks, love that it comes in a while set so you don't have to buy them all separately.


Beautiful hair and I like all the different looks--very nice that you can do them all with one tool


I really like the soft curls look! I will have to wear it to work someday.

Janice Santillo

Great styles. Love them all.

Wendy Browne

I love the transitions! I also wash as few times as possible as I have semi coloring that fades with each wash, so I have to do the straight/wavy/pinned up as well.

Racquelle Robinson

Great hair!

Racquelle Robinson

Great hair!

Yarra Fakhiratunnisa Aini

Your hair is amazing.

Anne Klotz

Thanks for the review and the tips!!

luisa davila

Great review thanks

D Johnson

Thanks for the review.

Maria Chen

Wow! sounds fun & so easy to follow thanks

DR Wright

Pretty Hair!

Alexei Petrov

Nice review. I like it and love your blog!

susan king

I love that we can go longer between shampoos with your advice. Thank you !!


love the soft curls!

Kricket Fountain

Great tips...your soft curls look amazing! I need these tools desperately, it's time to retire my old straightener. Thanks for the tips☺

Tara L

I am liking this hair straightener it looks really good to use not cheap.

anita chen

I love the different styles that can be produced with the product. I especially love the soft curls.

Rachel Beltz

I really need to work towards washing my hair less often! I'll have to try these different looks throughout the week! I never considered the fact that different hairstyles can actually camouflage greasy hair.

Christine A

I haven't used a hair donut before and the high bun hairstyle looks very elegant. I haven't tried dry shampoo either but I would like to have that type of product for greasy hair.

Louanne Baelde

Great tips! What a soft look! Thank you so much!


Thanks for the tips


good tip and good look! wish I was young again!

sandyhills x

Love the styles and hair color. Has inspired me again to do something different with my hair

Molly Murphy

I don't have the best styling tools for my hair but I have my wedding day coming up and would love to have these amazing products available for my stylist to work his magic! ;)

Sara Trojaniello

Thank you for the inspiration! :)

krystel warden

great information


I love the transition throughout the four days. These are styles that could work for work or casual days.


Love all the four styles.

Heather Howard

I'd love to have a tool like this for my hair. Definitely would give me some options!

Christina Williamson

Great Tips!

Tiana Ba

Your hair looks gorgeous in all four looks!

Ninna Berries

Great review! Perfect for me because I am starting to work in an office and I need this a "low maintenance hairstyles". Thank you darling!

Nivona Holmes

It will be a whole year in March that I've gone without doing any heat styling (not even a blow dryer) so I would love to celebrate by getting a new flat iron to style my hair :)


love these showed what different styles i could do and the great product

Cori Westphal

I'm with you. I used to wash my hair every day, and then my stylist told me that's why I was getting split ends and breakage. I'm not quite up to 4 days yet, but it's amazing how much better my hair takes styling when it's a bit dirty!

Tashia Gilbert

This would make a great gift to myself!


slick design!

Robbin Stevenson

your hair is beautiful.

Beverly Strong-Chisnall

Great tip Thank you for sharing

Alison Anderson

Very pretty :) I love multi tasking tools , saves some space <#

MD Kennedy

What an awesome set - I could do what you do without having to blow-out every day!


This is so timely. I just recently switched from washing every other day to washing only until my hair is extremely oily because I find that even washing every other day still dries out my scalp. Haha! Will be sure to try this out.


The ponytail is cute, will have to try that one

Jamie Johnson

Wow, great instructions. Very thorough. u mk it lk so easy lol!

Dana S

Very nice demonstration of hairstyles, all look great. Would love to have that entire set of straighteners/curling iron!

Daily Woman (Lacey)

I hate to wear the same style everyday, I love all these great styles.

Tee Anderson

Thanks for the demo. I love to try new styles.


Like all the styles, but the bun and pony tail are some of my low maintenance styles. Sometimes I'm so lazy that I but it in one big French braid for the week.

amy tolley (amylynn73)

love the styles and great tips for styling hair thanks for sharing these


Great tips for great hair styles

Amanda Sakovitz

Thanks for the review and tips!

Matthew Alaniz

Great tips. I'll share it with my girlfriend.

Mary McCloy

I would like to learn how to do these styles.


Thanks for the awesome post! Very cute hair!

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