Saturday, April 11, 2015

Boyfriend jeans and mint green sweater


Taking a break from vacation posts to show you an outfit I wore last weekend. My love for all things mint continues with this adorable sweater. Mint is just a pretty shade and so easy to wear. I plan to pair this light weight sweater with my white denim shorts to go grab some ice cream in the summer =) A bit of history of my new-to-me Chanel bag: As mentioned in this post, my jumbo flap just wasn't a good fit for me. I'll be darned if I let it sits in my closet unworn. After much debate, I found a new home for it. I also found this bag as a new replacement. This bag comes as no surprise (same type of leather/same hardware/same color as my jumbo - the only difference is the size). The medium fits my frame so so much better. It's truly perfect and I couldn't be happier. OK, can we take a moment and talk about these slip-on sneakers? I wore them for the entire week traveling around Europe and never once had any problems. I walked all day everyday in these (no blisters, no rubbing) and they're under $25. I highly recommend them and am going to get the black version for myself as well. Love the look of a Chanel flap but not the price? Check out some affordable (and adorable) versions here




Doused In Pink said...

Your sweater is adorable! Love this casual chic look!

Doused In Pink

boyfriend jeans said...

Wow you look so stunning in this boyfriend jeans you have such an amazing sense of style I love the way you put this outfit together!