Friday, January 9, 2015

Chanel Boy Adventure...

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{Pictured: Chanel medium boy flap - Many preowned options available here}

As promised - Today, I am sharing my Chanel shopping adventure. A month ago, I had no desire to get another Chanel bag. I am happy and content with what I have. Now that Madelyn is older, I don't carry a diaper bag with me anymore. For a quick trip here and there, I usually carry my jumbo flap. It's super roomy and durable to haul around. There is one problem - The bag hangs down to my knees when worn as a cross-body (I am only 5'2"). As a temporary fix, I tie 2 ends together using a ribbon to achieve my desired length.

Chanel Jumbo Flap_SydneysFashionDiary

We were out Christmas shopping and I wore my flap as a shoulder bag (double up the strap - it works fine in this case). As the day progressed, Madelyn needed to be held. I told my husband I need to sit down to tie the strap so I can wear it as a cross-body. It's silly to wear a bag that hangs down to your knee. That's inconvenient - he said. I guess he never noticed my ribbon trick. Don't they make something that fit your frame better? He continued. I told him "I am sure they do but we're not getting a new bag, are we? He then said - let's just go look ... and this is how it all started =)


I know the Boy is one of the most coveted handbags but I was never really into it. To be honest with you, seeing it on so many bloggers kind of turns me off. We walked into a Chanel boutique, tried on a boy bag for the very first time and we were absolutely blown away by its beauty. However, we did walk out of the store empty handed. A few days passed and he suddenly said - I really like that bag on you and think you should consider it as your Christmas gift this year. What??? 4 years ago, I tried my hardest to talk him into my very first Chanel bag. Oh how the tables have turned =) We came back  a couple more times to learn about the bag and finally brought this beauty home with us. I bought it solely because of its unique color/leather/hardware combination. I am not saying this bag is one of a kind by any means because it's not but I have never seen this color (dark beige) with chrome hardware on anyone (online or offline). I probably would not pull the trigger on another black bag with ruthenium/gold hardware. My husband and I both enjoy luxury items to a certain extent. However, I always find ways to save (e.g: buy preowned items, settle for second choice of color or patiently wait for a decent discount). My husband in the other hand is more than likely willing to pay extra to get exactly what he wants. He still enjoys many older items in his closet because he truly loved them in the first place. I hope you enjoy my little story and I am not in any way trying to brag. Next post: a side-by-side comparison of a classic jumbo vs. a new medium boy, different combinations of leather/color/hardware, sizes/prices. Stay tuned =)


lisacng @

What a lovely gesture by your husband! What a beautiful bag, it fits your frame much better! Look forward to reading more.


Love the color of your Boy Bag!

Jemily Life

Georgina Russell

What a lovely story and such a beautiful bag. I have the Chanel medium classic flap in black caviar and can only just use it as an across body as it is a bit short. I just got the Dior promenade pouch in leopard for Christmas, which is smaller but does go across body and is gorgeous. The boy bag is next on my wish list and I love the colour of yours.

Amber @

it looks stunning on you! one day ill be able to justify bags again, cant wait!

Ever So Jenny

It's extremely cumbersome to have to work a luxurious item. Kudos to your H for realizing and insisting that you need a better fitting bag! I love the color and hardware. You're right! I can't think of any time I've seen this combination on- or offline.


Hi Sydney, I constantly struggle with bags that are too long, could you share details of your ribbon trick please? Thank you!

@Iona This is exactly how I do it. Hope that helps!


Ah-ha, ribbon INSIDE the bag. That's where I was going wrong! Thank you so much.

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