Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Custom made trousers


If you're a petite then you know finding trousers that fit right is incredibly difficult. I am excited to share another piece of clothing made by Sumissura. This is my 4th item from them and the experience was great. I won't go too much into detail regarding the process as I covered pretty everything you need to know in these three posts (my first coat, my second coat and my dress). In this post, I wanted to share the remake experience. With 3 previous items, I was lucky that everything turned out great. They fit so well without adjustments needed. However, the pants did not fit right the first time. It was too tight around my knees (pic below). I am not sure if it was my fault for not providing the correct measurements or what. I contacted their customer service and they said no problem, we'll remake the pants for you (no questions asked, no hassle). I re-entered my new measurements and 2 weeks later, a brand new pair of trousers showed up on my doorstep and they fit perfectly. How amazing is that? The fabric feels so nice against my skin. I wanted to point out that the pants have no lining (which caught me by surprise). I don't think there is an option to add a lining. If you live in a warmer climate, unlined pant is probably a better option for you. I am so used to lined dress pants. All in all, I am so excited to have a nice pair of dress pants for work. If you have a hard time finding a pair of great fitting trousers, please take a look at their site. Outfit details: Sumissura pants c/o | similar blouse | Banana Republic pumps | Saint Laurent bag

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Dash of Fash and Finance said...

Hi Sydney! The pants are very flattering and fit perfectly. You look beautiful as always. Have a blessed rest of the week