Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Amazing petite-friendly romper for $10


I've heard about Boohoo in the past but have never ordered anything from them. A few weeks ago, one of their promotional emails caught my attention. After browsing for quite some time (they have a massive collection of affordable pieces), I ended up purchasing this romper. I didn't expect much considering how affordable it is. My package arrived and I absolutely love it. The romper fits extremely well throughout and I am happy with the quality (wearing a size 4). I find UK sizes tend to run slightly smaller than US sizes. The romper is unlined but not see through. You can snatch this romper up today for only $10 (with code Shorty). Please keep in mind that shipping does take a while with USA Super Save option ($4.99 or free on orders over $50). Mine took about 10 days. No complaints here. This was my first order from Boohoo but it sure won't be the last. Outfit details: Boohoo rompers *size 4* | Chanel wallet on chain | WHBM mules | Tom Ford sunglasses | David Yurman bracelet


Monday, August 29, 2016

Crop Top :: High Waisted Skirt


I love the crop top and high waist combo look but could never pull that off. A cropped length top always looks like regular length on me. When I stumbled upon this top, I was ecstatic. The length is perfect. It is cropped enough just to show a sliver of stomach. I love the cross design as well. It adds a little bit of visual interest to a rather plain black top. Outfit details: Zaful top *size S* c/o | Chicwish skirt *sold out* (identical here and here) | WHBM mules | Tom Ford sunglasses

Friday, August 26, 2016

Bags I've sold and why

For this week's handbag chit chat, I wanted to talk about bags I've sold in the past and why. Living in a very small town of Ohio, I don't always have the opportunity to see certain bags in person. My local Saks does not carry Chanel, Prada or Celine. Sometimes, you just have to use the bag to know if it's right for you. Also, style evolves. I sold bag # 1 and # 2 for the same reason. I was no longer into obvious logos. I bought the Louis Vuitton bag in 2004 and absolutely loved it. However, the older I get, the less interested I am in carrying around a bag covered in logos. Bag # 3 was my very first Chanel bag. Even though I've done quite a bit of research, I was still a newbie. My very first Chanel bag was a small classic flap in lambskin with gold hardware. After using it for a year, I decided that the combination of lambskin and gold hardware isn't for me. I always tend to lean towards silver jewelry. I sold bag # 3 and got bag # 4 as a replacement. I thought I was happy with the caviar leather + silver hardware combo but the jumbo size was way too big on my short frame. I ended up selling it and got the medium classic flap in caviar leather with silver hardware. It's truly perfect (should have bought that in the first place)!


1. Louis Vuitton Musette Tango in monogram (on me)
2. Burberry bowling bag (on me)
3. Chanel small classic flap (on me)
4. Chanel jumbo classic single flap (one me)
5. Prada Cuir double bag (on me)
6. Chanel timeless classic WOC (on me)
7. Chanel coco handle bag (on me)

Last year, I realized a tote bag was missing in my collection (and still is). At the time, the Prada Cuir bag was popular but I couldn't find any decent reviews. I made the purchase rather quickly. However, it didn't take me very long to realize the bag is just too big for me. I had a hard time filling it up. Even though, I don't own the bag anymore, it still has a special place in my heart. Maybe, one day I'll repurchase it in a smaller size. Up until then, all my bags were in neutral colors. When I saw the Chanel chevron wallet on chain in red, my heart skipped a beat. I knew I had to let go one of my bags in order to fund a new purchase. Naturally, bag # 6 had to go. I am super in love with my new WOC. The color is seriously to die for. Bag # 7 was an impulse buy. The Hermes Kelly is my ultimate dream bag. I had no idea when I will be able to obtain the bag. When I saw the Chanel coco handle, I though it would be perfect to hold me over until I get my dream bag. The opportunity came up sooner than expected. I was more than happy to find a new home for bag # 7 to fund my ultimate dream bag. I am still pretty much in love with the coco handle and would have kept it if I have the funds. If you're thinking about buying one of these bags, I hope you find this post helpful. Unused handbags are like having money sitting there on your shelves collecting dust. My handbag collection is super tiny but it's everything I dream for and love (and that's the way it should be). Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer 2016 Beautycon Box


I received the summer box last week thanks to the BeautyCon team. I thought I'd quickly share what's inside just in case you're interested. A BeautyCon box is a year long subscription that includes 4 boxes. You have a choice between a payment plan of $29 per box or $99 annual subscription. Each box contains over $150 worth of top beauty and lifestyle products delivered to your door each season. The summer box will stop being sold at end of day of 08/31. BeautyCon has different YouTubers as the box curators each season. Kandee Johnson was the Summer 2016 Box Curator. BeautyCon boxes are currently only available to resident in the US. Without further ado, below are items available in the Summer 2016 BeautyCon Box.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara - $23
Smashbox brow tech shaping powder $25
NYX ombre lip duo - $11.99
NYX jumbo eye pencil (in cashmere) - $4.49
Garnier SkinActive brightening & smoothing daily moisturizer - $12.74
Benzac acne solution blemish clearing hydrator - $7.49
Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil - $8.99
Redken fashion waves 07 - $19.50
CoverFX makeup brush - $38
VersaSpa gradual tan face moisturizer - sample size
LA Fresh travel wipes
Total value: $150

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

White Denim :: Striped Linen Shirt


I purchased these white skinny jeans last year and they have become an absolute closet staple (buy one get one $19.90). A blue striped shirt + white jeans combination seems like a no brainer. I really wanted this blue striped shirt from Banana Republic but couldn't locate my size. I am thrilled to find this alternative otpion. The shirt is surprisingly very well made. I am wearing a size small in this post and like the way it fits (it is meant to look oversized). I plan to turn this shirt into an office staple by tucking it into a pencil skirt. The color is neutral and will go with everything in my closet. Outfit details: Make me chic shirt | Express jeans (review here) | Quay sunglasses | Chanel wallet on chain | WHBM leather mules


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

White Summer Maxi Dress


How sweet is this dress! I ordered it for my vacation but unfortunately, it didn't arrive on time. As expected, the dress is a bit sheer but would work fine as a beach cover-up. For everyday wear, I have this slip underneath. Other than that, I really like the way it flows and adore the flutter sleeves. Outfit details: Make me chic dress | Quay sunglasses | Tom Ford sunglasses | ColourPop lipstick

Monday, August 22, 2016

Striped Shorts :: Red Chanel WOC


Trying to get some more use out of my summer clothes before putting them away. These shorts are my new addition and I can't get enough of them. For under $25, I really am impressed with the quality. I ordered a size small and they run a tad loose. I washed them twice already and they shrunk just a bit. These shorts are unlined but the material is completely opaque so no worries about seeing through. Paring the shorts with my beloved chambray shirt and my gorgeous WOC for a pop of color. Outfit details: Zaful shorts | Chanel wallet on chain | Tom Ford sunglasses | BCBG sandals


Friday, August 19, 2016

Chanel Coco Handle :: Updated Details

This blog got a lot of traffic this past few weeks from people who were searching for more information regarding the Chanel coco handle bag. Chanel released the same bag in June with a couple of updated details. I thought I'd do a quick post to point out those changes just in case you're interested.


1. The shoulder strap is now removable: This is an excellent feature! Say if you won't want to use the shoulder strap, you can remove it entirely. The bag looks even more streamline, is versatile and chic like their original Kelly bag

2. I personally haven't seen the new version in person but heard the new caviar leather is more sturdy and durable. My SA said the leather is a bit shiner and less dull. The previous version is made out of soft caviar leather. Mine had a bit of slouch in places even though it was brand new (definitely one of its downsides).

Even though I only had it for a short period of time, I truly enjoyed the bag (full review here). With these updates, I personally think the coco handle is a phenomenal bag. I would highly recommend it if you're in the market for a Chanel bag.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beach Maxi Dress

Forever 21 Maxi Dress

Besides rompers, maxi dresses are also my go-to summer uniform. I picked up this dress from Forever 21 last month and am impressed with the quality. It's airy but well made, perfect for a beach vacation. This exact dress is no longer available but you can find a ton of options here. Looking at these photos makes me miss the beach so much. Can't believe my kids are going back to school today. Summer definitely flew by in the blink of an eye! Outfit details: Forever 21 contemporary maxi dress | Tom Ford sunglasses

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mom-Friendly Yet Stylish One Piece Swimsuit


As mentioned in this post, finding the perfect flattering swimsuit seems like a daunting task. I literally spent months searching for the perfect one before my trip to the Dominican Republic. Luckily, I found not one but two suits that I am so in love with. I talked about the first one here. This one piece from Becca is my second one. The price tag is a little more than I'd like to spend but I knew I had found the perfect suit when I put it on. Outfit details: Becca swimsuit *size XS* | Quay sunglasses | Forever 21 hat | Kenneth Jay Lane pearl earring

Mom-Friendly Yet Stylish One Piece Swimsuit

A few things I love about this suit:
- It's very classy looking. Going on a vacation with my family, I want plenty of coverage while running around with my kids. The plunging neckline and lace detailing expose enough skin but still is modest.
- The bra coverage isn't very much but it has sewn-in pockets that you can insert extra swim pads. I use these and they're perfect. Those water pads provide a bit of support and volume but not too much.
- My favorite feature of this suit is the adjustable straps (not only the back straps but also the shoulder straps). It really is a nice feature. I was able to adjust all straps until the fit is right. I do think this suit runs small and works well with petite/small chested ladies.
- This suit is available in several gorgeous shades. If burgundy isn't your color, it also comes in black, white, red and a gorgeous sapphire blue

Monday, August 15, 2016

Striped Rompers

There is no secret that I love rompers. I wear some variable of a romper every weekend. This striped version is the latest addition to my ever growing love for rompers. I like the button detail down the front. They make the rompers look more "grown-up". The 2 front pockets add a nice touch to the overall look. If you're in between sizes, I would size down. I am wearing a size small here but the XS would have been a better fit (wasn't available a few weeks ago). Have a great Monday, everyone! Outfit details: Shein rompers | Target wedges | Tom Ford sunglasses

Friday, August 12, 2016

Plaid Shirtdress :: Summer To Fall (Look # 5)


Ending the week with the final look I put together for Betsy's Boo Boutique. This adorable plaid dress is currently sold out but there are other options available here. This outfit would be great when the weather starts to get cold. I can't wait to rock this look for Fall. From now through Sunday (08/14), BBB is offering 25% off everything plus free shipping with code OffToMarket.! I hope you enjoy a series of style posts this week. It's something different and I had fun putting them together. Have a wonderful weekend! Outfit details: BBB plaid dress | Colehaan boots | Madewell sweater | Tom Ford sunglasses | Michael Kors watch

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Plaid Shirtdress :: Summer To Fall (Look # 4)


I've been featuring a few ways to wear this dress in the summer. Today, I'll be showing you how to style the dress when it gets a bit cooler outside. If you're a long time follower of this blog then you know how much I love my denim jacket. It's almost 4 years old and I still wear it year round. This outfit is what I called the perfect weekend uniform. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see how I style this dress for cold weather (last post I promise). Outfit details: BBB plaid dress | H&M denim jacket | BP boots *this year's version* | Quay sunglasses | David Yurman bracelet

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Plaid Shirtdress :: Summer To Fall (Look # 3)


Continuing the week with another styling post. This work-appropriate look is probably one of my favorites. The combination of brown and navy goes perfectly well with my cobalt blue skirt. To keep the rest of the look relatively neutral, I paired the outfit with my beloved leather mules. Check back tomorrow to see how I style this plaid dress for early Fall. Outfit details: BBB plaid dress | J.Crew skirt | WHBM leather mules | Quay sunglasses | J.Crew bag | Michael Kors watch


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Plaid Shirtdress :: Summer To Fall (Look # 2)

For the second look (see the first look here), I wore this plaid dress as a shirt. I love the idea of switching up by knotting the shirt. It gives off the perfect casual and retro look. I wore this outfit to a picnic at the lake with my family. This dress can also work as a cover-up. Talk about versatility! I forgot to mention yesterday that this dress has tab sleeves which is a nice added bonus. Although, I prefer rolled up shirt sleeves to be somewhat messy. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see how I style this dress for work. Outfit details: BBB plaid dress | AE midi shorts | Quay sunglasses | Target sandals


Monday, August 8, 2016

Plaid Shirtdress :: Summer To Fall (Look # 1)


Happy Monday, ladies! I can't believe it's August already. My kids are going back to school next week. Where did the summer go? Even though it's still hot outside, it's time to start thinking about Fall fashion. Along with this romper (see it on me), Betsy Boo's boutique also sent me this adorable plaid shirtdress. We usually associate plaids with Fall. However, you don't have to wait until Fall to bust out your favorite plaid shirt. Everyday this week, I will show you a different way to style this plaid shirtdress. It will certainly carry me from Summer to Fall. I wore the dress as intended in this post (with and without the belt). I think I prefer without. It gives off that effortlessly and minimal chic vibe. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see how I style this dress in a different way. Outfit details: BBB plaid dress *size S* | Tom Ford sunglasses | Identical suede sandals | David Yurman bracelet


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Essential Power Dressing Tips for Women in 2017

Disclaimer: This is a guest post provided by Kaleidoscope UK 

Power dressing, just like fashion in general, is not stagnant. When the idea of power dressing first entered the scene in the 70s and 80s, the whole objective was to fit in – to be like the boys. However, as women’s position in society has improved, power dressing is not just about looking like a man. It’s actually about looking like a powerful and worthy woman. So, how do you obtain a powerful look in 2017? Here are the essentials for a power-dressing wardrobe.

Option 1 | 2 | 3
A statement blazer:
One of the easiest ways to add a bit of power to your look is with a blazer. A well-fitted blazer can even turn a simple look of jeans and a t-shirt into a business-style outfit. When it comes to shopping for the best blazer, the key is to be bold and brave. Statement blazers have one (or all!) of the three things: a bold pattern, a playful pattern or a shocking cut. Today, you could opt for an abstract, color-blocking style or stick to a bright red or neon yellow statement blazer. You can also be playful with the cuts – the Kaleidoscope platform has a stunning collection of beautiful blazers from different brands.

Option 1 | 2
A silk shirt:
Fabrics are another great way of talking ‘power’. Silk is a strong power fabric and it plays the best role in a shirt. A proper silk blouse will instantly give your look a bit of elegance without looking overly masculine. In essence, a silk shirt is the must-have item for a modern woman. The silk blouse doesn’t have to be anything special. You can find silk blouses from Zara and Miss Selfridges. These are affordable yet stylish options for women. In terms of the colors, keep it classy with white, ivory, grey, baby blue or pretty pink.

Essential Power Dressing Tips for Women in 2017
Option 1 | 2 | 3
A shape-hugging dress:
Now, dresses are often not considered as power dressing because of the feminine flair to give. But as mentioned above, femininity is not out of power anymore – indeed, a proper feminine dress is just the wardrobe essential you need. When it comes to power dressing and dresses, a shape-hugging dress is the best. You want to be able to show your shape with confidence. If you can carry a figure-hugging dress without feeling bad about it, then you are surely going to conquer any boardroom! Check the Laura Ashley deals for stunning, figure-hugging midis.

Essential Power Dressing Tips for Women in 2017
Option 1 | 2 | 3
A flattering pair of skinny trousers:
Another wardrobe essential that speaks volume of your confidence is skinny trousers. It’s sophisticated and it tells the world you don’t let anything face you – pairing your skinny trousers is also easy, as they go with almost all kinds of shirts, blazers and blouses. The key is to find a good pair of tailored skinny trousers. You want to keep the color and design classic. A simply pinstripe look for work or something in navy blue for business casual. Don’t play too much with the colors – a classic choice will ensure you can match the trousers with other items in your wardrobe.

Essential Power Dressing Tips for Women in 2017
Option 1 | 2 | 3
A chunky watch:
Aside from the above clothing ideas, you can also power dress with accessories. Nothing shows power better than a watch – you’re saying that time is working for you, not the other way around. The best accessory watch for power dressing would be a chunky man-style watch. You can find the perfect styles from Citizen’s collection. The key is to ensure the watch is big and bold. When it comes to femininity, you definitely don’t want to show it with your watch.

Essential Power Dressing Tips for Women in 2017
Option 1 | 2
A pair of high heels:
If there’s one wardrobe staple that has stood the test of time in terms of power dressing, it’s the classic high heels. You simply can’t beat a black court shoe. It adds drama, glamour, elegance and power to your look – all at once. The great thing about classic high heels is also the price. You can find anything from cheaper retailers like H&M to the more luxurious shoe brands of MiuMiu.

Final tip: Invest in tailoring 
Nothing says power quite like properly fitting clothing. If you’re walking around in ill-fitting clothing, you tell the work you don’t really know the right from wrong and you don’t even care. But when you add a tailored suit to your wardrobe, it all fits into place – quite literally. You start focusing on the details and you make your look more flattering. So, if you can always make sure you buy the right side – tailoring store bought clothes into the right fit won’t cost a fortune in most cases. With the above tips and wardrobe essentials, you should be able to create a powerful look that tells the world you mean business.

Friday, August 5, 2016

My thoughts on camera style bags


For this week's handbag chit chat, I wanted to discuss about a particular handbag style - the camera bag. I did have a chance to try on a few myself so I thought I'd share what I like and dislike. Each brand has its own version and here's my two cents:

Gucci Soho Disco bag: This bag is getting more popular by the day. I've seen quite a few of them on bloggers. It's cute, functional and the price point isn't so bad for a designer bag. However, I am personally not a fan of tassels (not just on this bag but in general). Tassels and fringes are not my cup of tea. Since the tassel is not removable, I don't think I can live with it. This is how the bag looks on me. I like the size and the fact that the shoulder strap is adjustable. It's available in a variety of colors.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The most comfy maxi dress


I picked up this maxi dress last month and have been wearing it non stop. I wore this exact outfit on the plane to the Dominican Republic and this dress is the perfect compromise between comfort and style. You can snag it now for 40% off plus free shipping. I am wearing a size XS here. The shoulder straps have been taken up to accommodate my short frame. For under $25, I highly recommend this dress. It's just one of those perfect throw on and go summer dresses. Outfit details: Express maxi dress | H&M denim jacket | Quay sunglasses | J.Jill straw tote